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John Moono


Ugandan Author and Pan- Africanist Okot p’Bitek wrote in his Book “Song of Lawino that

“In the traditional society the poor orphan boy would have received help from his relatives in raising his dowry. The ‘modernisation’ and the attendant individualism result in a situation where he goes through tribulation yet all in vain. All the difficulty he goes through is a symbolic projection of the trouble that Africa was going through as a result of Western influence. His personal tragedy is the tragedy of a whole continent cut from its Cultural roots.”

These words are a true depiction of the state of the African Continent. The continent has alienated herself from the cultural roots of togetherness. The continent wants to align herself with the Cultural beliefs of the Western World. The most basic observation on the fact of Cultural Erosion is on how Africans today conducted the marital process of tje young prospective couple and the trouble that a young man goes through alone. This has led to many African Young men to be economically crippled and that eventually spreads to the country as a whole

The continent has many countries grappling with crumbling economies yet each country feels compelled to look at itself. What is worth noting is that the economic problems of one country will eventually affect every other country. Therefore the continent needs a paradigm shift of reverting back to its Cultural roots.

The African Union theme for 2021 resonates well with the words of p’Bitek.

The theme states “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want”

There is no better way to begin the rebuilding of Africa to the level we want through going back to our Cultural roots that is the problems of an individual are the problems of the whole society and the challenges of one country are the challenges of the whole continent.


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