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John Moono

When the die ğŸŽ² is cast
When the whistle is blown
When the season is rolled in motion
And when the Journey is finally set

It is the sovereignty and the patriotism
That is at stake
As we travest through the corridors of power
Vehemently, players push to go into the Corridors of Power
Others Variantly Defend their position in the Corridors of Power

Then the phrase Power is Sweet come to mind
You go on to Remember the phrase from French Military Leader Napoleon Bonaparte that
“History is a set of lies agreed upon”

Just to maintain his stranglehold on the Corridors of Power
Servantly and Meekly they engage the Electorates
But Deviantly they forget their pledges
Sheepishly they Bow in Public Places
But Viciously the tear into the Electorates’ trust

When the walk through the Corridors of Power
Their Desire for Media Coverage and Media Adorations
Tend to Transcend the National Character they Championed
Looting is more glamorous than Uprooting the Monster 👹 Poverty
Corruption is morally treasured than Education
Procrastination is more glamorous Fulfilling the Pledge
Debating is more important than Implementing

When they Walk Through the Corridors of Power
Like Pilgrims on the Heavenly Charge Patiently we contemplate Upon their Heaven on Earth Promises
Faithfully and Joyfully we cast our Hopes on their Pledges
But When they Walk Through the Corridors of Power
Their Friendly Demeanour often in a Twinkling of an Eye
Vanishes like Biblical Rapture

When they Walk Through the Corridors of Power


Published by MyWritings

A Writer, A Diplomat in Waiting, Climate Change Advocate and a Football Administrator


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