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Moono John

Africa a continent that has promised so much yet delivered very little. Africa a continent plagued by underdevelopment, wars health challenges such as Ebola, Malaria, and many others, as well as food insecurity that has led the Western world to feel that Africa is overpopulated. 

For many years, many African countries found economic solace in former colonial masters and financial organisations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The now “independent” Africa has always been at the mercy of these powers. This has been the trend until the emergency of China as an economic super power. Often times, the Western world has been accused of under-developing Africa for their activities during the period of colonial rule. Many Africans feel the Western world did very little to develop Africa but benefited greatly from the colonial period of Africa and other parts of the world.

China the world’s fastest growing economy has emerged as the economic saviour of many African countries. China just like many other African countries were underperforming economically a few years ago. China has in the first instance provided leadership to its people that has helped them move to a completely different orbit economically .In china’s quest for economic supremacy, China has cleverly policies that Africa countries find very appealing to pursue. China has taken advantage of the desperate situations many African countries find themselves in. Many are ready and in a hurry to develop, hence the stance with China.

Going by the developmental trends in the world today, many Africa countries are in a hurry to develop .The desire for infrastructure development in many Africa countries has seen China seemingly take the lead in the new “Scramble for Africa.”China offers infrastructural aid that is building road network, schools, hospitals and other necessary real estate infrastructure while many Western countries offer financial aid to Africa. Perhaps, Africa needs to learn much from China apart from accepting the infrastructural aid that the world’s most blossoming economy has to offer. African needs to provide leadership to its people and tackle the needs of its people for the development of the continent.

Africa has been able to forge blossoming economic ties with China offers tangible development. While financial aid and adopting democratic tenets championed by the western word are seen as abstract by many African countries.

China has positioned itself has Africa’s one development partner and that is reaping the desired result. Not until the Western world changes its strategy the China-Africa, relationship is seemingly unstoppable.


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