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On 12 August, 2021 the country goes to the polls for Presidential, Parliamentary,Mayoral and Local Government Elections. This year’s Elections has been said to be the toughest yet since Independence
During to the run up to the polls, the period is characterized by campaigns, defections and politically charged songs. With the coming in of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Electoral Commission of Zambia has advised all political players to Desi from holding huge rallies in a bid to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The country dissolved it’s National Assembly on 12 May, 2021 marking exactly 90 days to the election day and signalling the beginning of Campaign period. During this time, alot of disgruntled political players tend to switch camps. Adoptions to various party positions earmarked for elections have been announced in many political parties. As a result of the announcements, Political players who have not been granted their wishes of contesting on a particular part ticket in various portfolios have either grown frustrated or disgruntled and many have decided to change camps. The question that begs an answer is; Do our Political Parties have Ideologies on which they stand? Do the Political players understand and believe in those Ideologies or parties beliefs? Against this background, it is true that politicians at most times just want to solve their problems and that servant leadership is a concept that doesn’t apply in the political landscape. It is quite surprising that a Political player vehemently opposed a particular party and in a blink of an eye is in good books with the party they opposed. Are our Political players all power hungry? Does Political leadership entail that you have to always been seen has the one leading?

Leadership is exerting influence on a group of people or an individual to bring about positive change. If we all agree that our country needs to change, then even without holding a particular Political and Government portfolio,we can bring the desired positive change. The current happenings in the country’s political landscape only increases the calls that we need to define democracy on our own terms and we need a Governance System is is going to more Development oriented than one which is championing the interest of the minority over the majority. Our Political and Governance system should reduce the autonomy of certain portfolios so that they become answerable to the majority for the actions while holding office.

Going forward, our Political players should understand that they are there to represent the interests of the people first before their own interest. The defections to political parties just to remain relevant and for their own exterior motives have seriously hampered the Development Agenda of this country.

The Political Landscape which brings the country to almost a standstill during Election Time needs to educate people that Politics is about service and that Good Service brings about better gratification both on a personal level and collectively as a Party.

Zambia is headed for greater heights with or without political influence. The citizens needs to make their voice heard beyond the election season


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