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Biodiversity: the Omnipresence of Life on Earth the very Essence for an Optimistic Future.


John Moono

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously hampered social life around the World and that is signal enough that the World today has a reached a point where it can be termed to physically unwell. Our failure to fully protect the Environment has resulted in the disruption of social life around the world. Our failure to appreciate nature and carefully tender the environment has seen the negative effects right in our faces. However, man has realized that life continues to be omnipresent on the Earth and it is therefore imperative that Nature is carefully tendered.
The omnipresence of life on earth the essence of an optimistic future is founded on the position that biodiversity provides humans with the raw materials for production and consumption. Many livelihoods of people such as farmers, fishers and timber workers are so much dependent on biodiversity. It also provides for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, birdwatching and fishing.

Biodiversity provides for functioning ecosystem that supplies oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants and other ecosystem services which benefit mankind utmost. This is the very essence of protecting biodiversity and being optimistic about the future.
The optimism should be driven by the fact solutions to the problems of Climate Change are being sought after a realization that the Nature around us is physically ill and healing is the a long term solutions. Adopting green initiatives and a green lifestyle is the sure way of healing the Earth of the illness of Climate Change.


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